The Wissahickon needs our help. We’ve outlined the reasons why – but what are the steps we still need to take? Take a minute to explore our current initiatives as well as learn which areas you can get involved in. Be sure to take a look at our event calendar and map!

Finally, explore additional options to create healthier communities and a healthier Creek under “You!” With short video clips, tutorials and StormwaterPA’s “Choose Your Path” feature, you’re sure to find the route of action that is best for your role in the community as well as where you live in the watershed!

Our Initiatives

All around the watershed, capital projects are helping to restore valuable waterways and critical wildlife habitat as well as preserving trail and recreation space for everyone to use.

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You can make a difference too! StormwaterPA is a great resource for learning how individuals can make small changes to help preserve the watershed.

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