Why Protect Our Environment?

Historically, the Wissahickon Creek ran through forests and meadows, but with population came significant change. Maintaining flow is now a very real problem, and runoff from frequent downpours destroy stream banks, scour stream bottom habitats, and cause serious floods in several communities in watershed. Pollution is another result of what we have done to the land.

And yet, for all of its problems, the Wissahickon watershed retains a number of beautiful, wooded areas and wetlands that provide a valuable natural refuge for wildlife and native plants. Aquatic creatures, mammals, and bird species thrive in the lower portion of the watershed in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park. And, since the Wissahickon drains into the Schuylkill upstream of Philadelphia’s intake, it plays an important role in the water city residents drink.

Environmental Monitoring

Various environmental monitoring and restoration projects are going on throughout the Creek. Take a look at some of these projects below: