Our Partners

Federal agencies, state and local governments, watershed organizations and other NGOs, universities, corporate partners, volunteer corps, concerned citizens like you: by breaking down boundaries and working in collaboration for a common goal, the vision of a Healthy Wissahickon can become a reality.

We All Have a Part to Play. Learn more about the growing number of partners who are actively involved in making the Wissahickon a better place for the generations to come.

  • “We have to manage stormwater in a way that’s reducing the volume and reducing the pollutants, so there’s a need for all sorts of people to work together on a regional level in order to be successful.”

  • “We all live downstream from somebody else, and we have to figure this out collectively, not individually. It takes alot of different bodies from alot of different places to get things done.”

  • “In our democratic system, it takes the public to be enlightened and informed to ask for those changes of government that will create a lasting effect on water quality.”